11:00 am to 3:00 pm (ET)

11:00am | Welcome to the ESG Global Summit 
Natalie Kenway, global head of ESG insight, ESG Clarity

11:05am | Keynote: Forces driving consumer/corporate change
Discuss the importance of emphasizing the development impact of capital and ensure that it helps raise the living standards for people around the world, particularly in the world's pre-frontier and frontier markets. 
Preeti Sinha, executive secretary, UNCDF

11:25am | Opening remarks 
Liz Skinner, special projects editor, InvestmentNews

11:30am | Panel: Addressing ESG demand from clients
Hear advisers and consultants making the business case for ESG investing and what makes 2021 different.
Moderated by: Liz Skinner, special projects editor, InvestmentNews
Jenn Kenning, CEO and co-founder, Align Impact
Christopher Knapp, managing director, Robertson Stephens
Victor Orozco, CSRIC, managing partner, Bair Financial Planning
Patrick Reed, CEO and co-founder,

12:20pm | Panel: Who will regulate ESG in the US?
New political leadership could prompt a reversal of US regulatory policy, creating an extra incentive for US investors and companies to integrate sustainability into their business models.
Moderated by: Liz Skinner, special projects editor, InvestmentNews
Trysha Daskam, director and head of ESG strategy, Silver Regulatory Associates
Jon Hale, Global head of sustainability research, Morningstar, Inc.

12:50pm | ESG data mining
An analysis of both public information and our proprietary research

• Do sustainability ratings impact fund flow
• Are financial advisors prepared for a world of ESG?
• The challenge of finding ESG-ready funds
Dylan Emery, editorial director, Last Word Media

1:05pm | Break

1:15pm | Panel: Performing due diligence and avoiding 'greenwashing'
Hear from data providers and asset managers on what data is available and, given the lack of complete data, how advisers can prevent falling for 'greenwashing.'
Moderated by: Jeff Benjamin, senior columnist, InvestmentNews
Sarah Bratton Hughes, head of sustainability, North America, Schroders
Dan Ciavarella, head of sales for wealth, Refinitiv
Boris Khentov, SVP of operations, Betterment

1:50pm | Keynote: Impact investing
Making a profit and changing the world can go hand in hand

Discuss the link between impact investing and the Sustainable Development Goals, and how investors can use their resources to create positive social and environmental change around the world.
Esther Pan Sloane, head of partnerships, policy and communication, UNCDF

2:05pm | Panel: Creating ESG portfolios 
Join this panel of experienced advisers and other financial professionals as they share how they discuss values and personal passions with clients, using research and model ESG-first portfolios.  Then learn how to translate those interests into a portfolio of equities, bonds and other investments in companies whose ESG scores support those beliefs. 
Moderated by: Liz Skinner, special projects editor, InvestmentNews
Catherine Berman, CEO, Cnote
Kim Griego Kiel, president, Horizons Sustainable Finance Services
Jean-Maurice Ladure, CFA, head of applied research, EMEA, MSCI
Karen Wawrzaszek, CFP®, Regional President, BNY Mellon Wealth Management 

2:55pm | Closing remarks
George Moriarty, chief content officer, InvestmentNews


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