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We are pleased to present our inaugural Global ESG Summit which will feature tailored regional content and speakers during three geo-targeted events on May 27. Following the sun across the globe, three dedicated programmes will be streamed live for audiences in Asia, UK/Europe and America. We will be bringing together ESG experts, fund managers, asset owners and data specialists across the globe to help educate and inform investors. 

Interest in ESG and responsible investing has exploded in recent years, with the pandemic only accelerating this, as companies with sustainable business models outperformed the wider market and savers sought to integrate their social and environmental values into their investment portfolios. Fund selectors around the world have had to quickly adapt to responsible investment terminology, the vast array of product solutions on the market, and the new offerings consistently being launched. In addition, there is ever-growing noise around the driving factors behind this surge whether that is climate change, the race to net zero, social injustices, changing consumer habits or increased focus on diversity and inclusion.

The Global ESG Summit has been designed to help fund selectors and fund buyers cut through the noise and gain tangible insights on how to integrate ESG processes and principles into business models and investment solutions. We will be exploring the driving forces of a changing world; the pressures (and pitfalls) associated with data, disclosure and stewardship, as well as the products and asset classes available to ESG investors. Through a combination of independent speakers, adviser views and panel discussions we hope to offer clarity in a complex ESG world. We are delighted to announce that each event will feature a keynote speech from the UN’s Capital Development Fund executive secretary Preeti Sinha. We look forward to welcoming you.



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